Meet Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley,

I’m a multi-passionate coach deeply curious about how people operate in the world and ways that can better that experience of life. I’ve always been into personal development and love to explore new ideas and tools to help myself and others find more joy and peace in their lives. One way I do that is with human design. 

Human design is a tool meant to help support you and give you new language to better understand yourself. Your personal design is what I like to call your blueprint, it sheds light on your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup so you can find more success, satisfaction, peace and excitement in your life. During a session we can explore many aspects of how you are meant to use your energy and operate in the world. We will discuss how you’re meant to feel and what signs your body will give you to get back on track. We will explore how you are meant to draw the right opportunities to you and where to make decisions from. We all have access to a decision making process that is unique to us and outside of our mind. I will bring awareness to and help you tap into that inner guidance. By looking at your design I will provide practical tools to help you make decisions, learn to be a more effective communicator, understand others in your lives, and most importantly, understand yourself so you can share what you need with those you do life with. 

There are so many ways that we can work with your design. We can look at: You, romantic connections, parenting, friendships, working environments/teams, marketing & advertising. Whatever lens we choose, you’ll walk away with more self-awareness and tools to step into your highest potential.

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