Massage Therapy And Why You Should Go

Massage Therapy And Why You Should Go

Massage therapy in Barrie is really ramping up. Throughout this post you will discover more about The Abundance Bar and the massage therapy we offer in and around Barrie, but also more about the modality itself. Let’s begin!


The soft tissues of the body are moved during the massage. Commonly, massage tools include hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, and other devices. Generally speaking, massages are used to cure physical tension or discomfort. A professionally educated massage therapist (RMT) is the perfect solution, and we offer massage services in Barrie at The Abundance Bar. Light stroking to intense pressure can be used throughout a massage.

Additionally, there is proof that massage was practiced in several ancient societies. A rhythmic flow of pressure and stretching is used in massage, an ancient practice. Massage treatment aids in releasing tension that has built up in specific muscles due to an injury or stress. You may speed up the healing process by getting the blood circulating with a massage treatment. The Abundance Bar offers many different types of massage in Barrie, Ontario.

Different Types Of Massage: 

Swedish Massage

Long strokes, kneading, deep circular motions, vibrating, and tapping are used in this gentle massage. You get more invigorated and calm as a result.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage method targets the deeper levels of muscle and connective tissue; it employs slower, more intense strokes. It is frequently used to treat muscular damage brought on by wounds.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is comparable to a Swedish massage; however, designed specifically for athletes to help them avoid or treat injuries.

Trigger Point Massage

This massage focuses on the tight muscle fibres that might develop in your muscles due to injury or overuse.


Benefits Of A Massage


The practice of massage is frequently included in integrative medicine. Massage is often coupled with other treatments for various medical diseases and occurrences.

Massage benefits can include the following:

– Lowering tension and boosting relaxation. 

– Lowering tension, discomfort, and stiffness in the muscles. 

– Enhancing blood flow, vitality, and awareness. 

– Lowering heart rate and blood pressure. 

– Enhancing immunological response.

While further studies are required to definitively establish the advantages of massage, at The Abundance Bar, we have found several studies have suggested that massage may also be beneficial for:

• Anxiety

• Digestive disorders

• Fibromyalgia

• Headaches

• Insomnia related to stress

• Low back pain

• Myofascial pain syndrome

• Nerve pain

• Soft tissue strains or injuries

• Sports injuries

• Temporomandibular joint pain

• Upper back and neck pain

Beyond the advantages for specific ailments or situations, several people find that massage often evokes sentiments of compassion, warmth, and connection. However, despite its advantages, massage shouldn’t be used in place of routine medical treatment. 

What You Can Expect During A Massage At The Abundance Bar In Barrie 

Massage doesn’t require any extra preparation on your part. Your massage therapist should question you about any symptoms, your medical background, and what you hope to achieve out of massage before the session even begins. Your massage therapist needs to describe the style of massage and the techniques they’ll employ. You typically undress or wear loose-fitting clothing for a massage treatment session. Only undress to the extent that it makes you comfortable. 


Typically, you lie down on a table and wrap yourself in a sheet. When you undress/dress for your massage, your massage therapist will leave the room. Additionally, you may have a massage while fully dressed and seated on a chair; the preference is yours and will be discussed prior to your massage. To find sore or tense spots and gauge how much pressure to use, your massage therapist should undertake an examination by touch.


Your massage therapist may use oil or lotion to lessen friction on your skin, depending on your preferences. If you think you could be allergic to any substances, let your massage therapist know before starting. Depending on the sort of massage you receive, and the amount of time you have, a massage session may run anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. You should experience peace and relaxation both during and after your massage, regardless of the type of massage you select. Take regular breaths while receiving your massage.


You can let your massage therapist know whether you would prefer silence over music or conversation during the treatment. Ask for softer pressure if a massage therapist is applying too much force. On occasion, you could have a knot-like sensitive area in a muscle. While your massage therapist works everything out, it will probably feel uncomfortable. But if it starts to hurt, say something. Communication is pivitol. 

Effects Of Massage On The Circulatory System

When you have a massage, your body’s blood flow is increased throughout, especially to the area that is being treated. The interchange of materials between the cells is then encouraged. This aids in bringing new nutrients into the cells and removing waste, keeping your body healthy and prepared for action. The way the massage is performed is also crucial; all properly educated massage therapists will always massage in the direction of the heart, supporting the body’s natural blood flow (known as the “venous flow”) as well as the circulation of blood throughout the body. This affects the neurological system, widens the blood vessels, and frequently lowers blood pressure. Therefore, give yourself a shoulder rub if the commute traffic is making you a little anxious. It will be beneficial, we promise!

Massage And Your Hormones

Numerous hormones, including vasopressin and cortisol, are increased when a person is stressed. It has been shown that massage can assist in regulating this hormonal imbalance and lessen tension since it has a relaxing impact on the autonomic nervous system. However, it is essential to remember that because massage also affects our endorphins, this is very difficult to test precisely. Endorphins can provide bliss and reduce pain, and massage frequently causes their release. However, the extent of this release differs from person to person. This implies that while every massage session is different for each person, they may all generally have a significant positive impact on our mood and stress levels, to whatever extent that may be.

You can book a massage with Crystal or Ashlyn in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. 

Tarot Readings: An Ultimate Guide

Tarot Readings: An Ultimate Guide

Tarot Readings at The Abundance Bar in Barrie by Maria Grace

It wasn’t too long ago that tarot card readings had a bad reputation. Today, it has become widely popular. Traditionally, tarot cards were viewed as scary or intimidating instruments to summon spirits, thanks to horror movies. However, more people are now using card readings due to a new perspective that has been set forth.

Reading tarot cards is a form of cartomancy that purports to predict the past, present, or future through tarot cards. First, a question is formulated, then cards are drawn for interpretation. The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are the two groups of cards that make up an average Tarot deck.

The purpose of this article is to explain when, why, and how to do a tarot card reading. So let’s dive into it!

How To Read Tarot Cards

Various factors can help you get the most out of tarot learning, even though there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Here are six tips for getting started if you need help figuring out where to begin.

● Pick a good deck.
● Make sure you practice every day.
● Start using a card that represents you.
● Make sure you tuck a tarot card under your pillow before sleep.
● Make your first attempt with someone you need to learn more about.
● To get advice, pull a card for yourself.

The next time you feel anxious or worried, pull one of these cards for a reminder or advice. See if the card can help you feel better or point out what is causing your discomfort. They are amazing self-care resources! Make sure you learn as much as you can.

When To Get A Tarot Reading

The timing and frequency of getting a tarot reading are flexible. Many purchase one to commemorate significant occasions (birthdays, breakups, New Year’s Eve, etc.). Based on my experience as a tarot reader, the following points help with knowing when to consult the cards and when not to consult them (because Tarot is not always the answer).

Tarot Can Be Helpful When:

Making A Decision

It works wonders when you need help deciding which option to choose from. To illustrate this, you can pull a card for each option, then reflect on how the new information affects your decision. To navigate this crossroads, choose a tarot card representing the principle you should use. It’s best to be clear about your decision and options before your reading begins-and, you can tell your tarot reader everything about it if you’re getting a professional reading.

Feeling Stuck

Whenever you are unsure of your next step, Tarot can provide a guiding light. Take a tarot reading to clarify specific steps to get yourself out of this mess and back on track. Your tarot reader can draw a card to pinpoint the root cause of your stuckness and suggest what action to take next.

Taking A Big Step Forward In Your Life

The best way to prepare for the future is to get as much information as possible (the opportunities, obstacles, and surprises). You are being informed means being prepared. Always ask your tarot reader about your mindset and approach when you are getting a reading. Discover what’s ahead and how to handle it with the Tarot.

Feeling Reflective

The Tarot can illuminate who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming. By putting your story in a larger context, you can extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness from it. My “Life Story Tarot Reading” is my most popular reading. People love to hear the story of their life.

Why Do A Tarot Reading?

A tarot card reading is a fantastic concept that is used throughout the world for the betterment of humanity. People can use it to predict their future and learn about things they are unaware of. A tarot card reading can help you lead a happy life by revealing life’s inner secrets.

Benefits Of A Tarot Reading

To Gain Clarity Of Purpose In Life

Tarot card readings can offer you deep insight into your life and provide better clarity. Your perspective on life changes, and you gain a deeper understanding of things.

To Identify Areas For Improvement

Everybody isn’t perfect from birth. Each of us has some personality traits that hinder our ability to achieve perfection. There is always room for improvement, no matter how successful you are. The Tarot card reading is a great way to identify areas for improvement and work on them to achieve perfection.

Establishing And Nurturing Relationships

By reading the tarot cards, one can eliminate all negative energy and fill himself with positive energy, thus making it easier to take risks. Taking risks and creating harmonious relationships can be facilitated by it. Relationships can remain happy and understanding if both parties appreciate the positive aspects and work on improving areas. Tarot card readings can help singles find their soul mate.

Aids People Like A Therapy

Tarot readings are just as effective as therapy and medication. In addition, the Tarot is an integral part of many holistic approaches to mental health. Although Tarot isn’t the answer to all mental health problems, it plays a significant role in mental hygiene regimen.

A Better Quality Of Life

A tarot card reading is a great way to start a new chapter in your life. In addition, a tarot reading can help you diagnose what aspects of your personality need nurturing and help you become a better person.


The tarot card reading may be perfect if you keep pondering over your negatives and struggles rather than enjoying some positive things. Through it, you can overcome anxiety, fear, and worry. Additionally, it helps overcome struggles, resulting in peace.

Decision Making

Do you find yourself debating whether to make a particular decision? Take a look at tarot cards if that’s the case. You will be able to decide the best path for you with the help of this program. Of course, it neither predicts the future nor tells what path to take. But it can also lead to new insights into life and assist in making good decisions.

Try out tarot card reading with Maria Grace in Barrie, Ontario, now and get ready to witness a significant change in your life!

Maria Grace Energy Practitioner:

Maria Grace is one of the best Tarot readers in Barrie and the GTA. To learn more about her, visit her website:

The Benefits of Cupping

The Benefits of Cupping

The universe is moving with high acceleration, and every entity within this universe is trying to catch the same speed.
In this game, people start compromising their health and peace. No matter where we stand, there is a dire need for sound health at every stage of life. With the increase in technology, relaxation techniques have also been increasing.

Different therapies are being used as relaxation techniques. Cupping therapy is one such technique. Several people know it as vacuum cupping or the horn treatment etc. In this technique, the therapist places special cups on the body for suction. 

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Our ancestors used different alternatives to cure their diseases. These alternatives could be massage could be therapy. Cupping therapy is an old massaging technique. Individuals with different conditions prefer cupping therapy as a treatment, such as people with pain, some inflammation, facing issues with blood flow, or well-being issues.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

In cupping therapy, the therapist puts cups in different locations on your body. These cups result in the creation of suction, which helps you get rid of your problems as soon as possible. Cups are made of earthenware, bamboo, glass, and silicon. There are two types of cupping therapy. One is dry, and another one is wet. In both types of cupping therapy, the therapist puts flammable substances in cups and sets them on fire. The cold inside of the cup creates a vacuum in your body which expands blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is beneficial in several ways. Here we are going to highlight a few of them.

Helps To Get Rid Of Facial Adhesions

Fascial release is a cupping massage that can be performed with the help of cups. This action can help to break up adhesions, release tight fascia, and promote overall relaxation. The scar tissue release cupping therapy is a gentle therapy, as well as the effective technique used to decrease discomfort, dark colouring, or congestion of scar tissue. In your session, you may feel these sensations as a slight tugging or pressure as the scar tissue is released. Your therapist will be communicating with you during your session in order to ensure that you feel comfortable. You may continue feeling the effect of the work throughout the day, and your body continues to heal and release scar tissue through massage.

Reduction Of Painful Trigger Points 

Cupping Massage therapy is a great way to help relieve minor low back discomfort, and it can prevent a more significant problem from setting in. Cupping Massage therapy can intervene in this process and help restore balance by releasing tension and knots, also called trigger points in overworked muscles, and encouraging underworked muscles to work more effectively. Cupping Massage therapy also minimizes pain and tightness, brings relaxation, and restores better breathing patterns. Lack of oxygen and poor circulation around a trigger point can cause the build-up of metabolic and inflammatory byproducts around the knot, which can lead to adhesion to neighboring muscles and structures, and the output is just pain. Cupping therapy helps in releasing these knots and reduces pain.

Improves Blood Circulation

Cupping therapy enhances blood circulation and blood flow in your body. Restrictions in blood flow create specific problems. Lack of blood flow results in the birth of certain diseases. Some of them are another name for sudden death. And some can make you paralyzed for life. Cupping therapy enhances the flow of blood throughout your body. When blood flow increases, the pain will deduce automatically. Other than pain, smooth blood flow regulates your mood, and you can live a better and enriched life.

Reduces Anxiety

The world is moving so fast. People get anxious if they perceive someone’s speed is higher than their speed—such perception results in panic attacks, anxiety, stress, and certain other psychosomatic symptoms. Anxiety disturbs the level of gases, ultimately aggravating our body’s whole function. Cupping massage improves blood flow, which enhances the level of oxygen in different parts of our body. Due to this regulation, the balance of our bodies improved, and people are more focused on goals rather than tensions. Cupping therapy helps our body to get rid of specific factors that disturb mental peace. If you are among anxious people, go for cupping therapy. It will help you to heal through your problems.

Improvement In Digestion

Digestion is an essential process in our body, as certain blocks disturb our digestion process. Cupping massage on the abdomen improves the functionality of our digestive tract. The working of our stomach and intestines is improved by cupping therapy. Certain intestines get restricted due to certain factors, and these factors could be internal or external. It enhances the contraction of certain intestines and pushes food throughout the digestive tract. There are blocks at certain times, so this massage helps break these blocks. Thus, the process of proper digestion has been initiated by cupping therapy.

Side Effects Of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is free from medicines or any other substance with any harmful side effects. All actions have some reactions. Some reactions speak louder than actions, and some are just unnoticeable. It means cupping therapy has brighter benefits than side effects. Its side effects include scars and some infections. But looking at its benefits, you can see it is a source to eliminate pain. The weightage of its advantages is higher than its disadvantages, so you can choose cupping therapy instead of medication. This therapy will show you excellent and relaxing effects.

Cupping therapy is an ancient massage technique. It plays a vital role in relaxation. It has a whole package of advantages, so we cannot deny its importance at any cost. Before moving for any other treatment or medication to treat your pain in Barrie, Ontario, try cupping therapy, and nothing can be better than The Abundance Bar to help you. It is highly effective, and above all, it has minimum side effects.

Although there are numerous massage centers in Barrie, Ontario, The Abundance Bar is at the top of the list, as it has expert massage therapists and uses some of the latest techniques to give you physical and mental relief.


You can book a massage with Crystal or Ashlyn in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. 

How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you wondering what some of the best ways to overcome anxiety are? This article will help guide and teach you how to use energy healing by using Reiki and Akashic Records to help deal with Anxiety.

Anxiety is a common disorder found among different people all across the globe. You will find different people worrying about money, family problems or health. But anxiety disorders are much more than that; they are not just temporary fears or worries. They can be one’s greatest nightmare, but there are solutions.

Anxiety gets even worse as the worst part about all this is that if these things are not taken seriously, they can affect your mental health in the long run. Getting help for your anxiety is vital, so here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about overcoming anxiety and healing it.

What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD is one of the common types of anxiety disorder involving a persistent feeling of dread or anxiety. People usually have this type of anxiety for months, and some of the common symptoms include:

● Feeling fatigued
● Having problems with concentrating
● Feeling restless
● Having unexplained pain throughout the body
● Having difficulty with sleep

Panic Disorder

This form of anxiety leads you to unexpected panic attacks. People usually end up with intense fear and a sense of losing control even when the situation is normal. Some of the common symptoms of panic disorder include:

● Tingling
● Sweating
● The feeling of losing control over your body
● Trembling
● Irregular heartbeats

Social Anxiety Disorder 

The disorder gives the victim an intense fear of being watched by others. The people who face this disorder might end up in social situations that feel beyond their control. Some of the common symptoms of a social anxiety disorder include:

● Sweating
● Racing heart
● Blushing
● Fear of being negatively judged by the people around you
● Struggling to make eye contact with the people around you


Healing Through Reiki

Reiki is a word from the Japanese dictionary. The meaning of reiki is “Universal Life Force Energy,” the life force energy refers to the life-giving energy that is present in everyone. Reiki is a therapy rooted in ancient Japanese and Chinese medicine.

The therapy gained popularity in the early 1990s and has been used chiefly at healthcare centers. However, if you think the process is harmful, we can assure you it’s not. 

You can use reiki in conjunction with radiation, chemotherapy and medications used in cancer treatment. In this therapy, a professional will place hands on various locations of your body to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation.


Benefits Of Reiki


Now you might wonder what’s the point of this therapy when the professional touches the body on various pressure points. But we assure you it’s more than that, the therapy has been researched for years, and the benefits of reiki are exceptional.

The benefits you get from reiki can’t be found in any other therapy. You should know that reiki helps release and relax body tension. It further helps with emotional cleansing while increasing the overall energy levels in your body.

This therapy will help you grow spiritually while balancing your body, spirit and mind. With professional sessions with Maria Grace or one of our other Reiki Practitioners, you will feel relaxed, as this therapy will reduce your anxiety and stress. In addition, this therapy lets you establish a better connection with yourself while accelerating the body-healing process.

Healing Through Akashic Records

You might rarely have heard of Akashic Records, as this is considered one of the most esoteric cures for anxiety. However, it is a matter of fact that everyone can access akashic records.

This is an energetic archive of your present, past and future experiences with your soul contracts. This is the ultimate source of wisdom you can use to achieve deep healing or re-evaluate your life goals.

The Akashic record is a Sanskrit word that means ether or sky. It is an energetic blueprint of all the information on everything in the universe. By accessing our Akashic records, we can remove our negative emotions.


What Are Akashic Records?

They are vibrations that are like a radio channel, and it is part of the collective consciousness. With this method, Maria Grace will help you find precise information that will help you reduce stress and improve your life.

People who struggle with a specific problem and feel like they are trapped in a loop are mostly the ones who find Akashic records the most beneficial for themselves.


Benefits Of Akashic Records

The benefits of akashic records are simply remarkable. Since it combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Karmic Theory, it serves as an opportunity to transform karma. The therapy helps in healing experiences from the past life, ancestral karma, soul retrieval and rebirthing.

The Akashic records help clear energy blockage while balancing all the energy levels in your body. All in all, with the Akashic records, your soul will have a better understanding of your past life events, and with our professionals, you will achieve the desired results in little to no time.


How We Can Help You Overcome Anxiety At The Abundance Bar

Maria Grace at The Abundance Bar in Barrie, Ontario has helped many people deal with and overcome Anxiety.

If you are facing any of the above symptoms listed throughout this post, Maria knows how difficult it can be for you. And she is here to deliver you the anxiety help you need. Anxiety healing is crucial; with help and solutions, you can enjoy your everyday life just like everyone else.

Want to end this nightmare of anxiety?

Well, at this moment, Maria Grace offers different and ideal types of treatments for your anxiety. One is healing through Reiki at The Abundance Bar clinic in Barrie Ontario. Another type of is healing through the Akashic records or also hypnosis.

Maria Grace Energy Practitioner:

Maria Grace is one of the best in this field. She knows exactly what she is doing, which is important when indulging in such a sensitive matter. Diving deep into our soul and fixing it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of concentration, guidance and dedication. Yet, she believes in transformation and abides by it. You can find her at

How Receiving an Akashic Clearing Can Help You With Your Life

How Receiving an Akashic Clearing Can Help You With Your Life

Have you ever found yourself curious about Akashic Clearings?


During our lifetime, we all go through so many ups and downs, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, it does take a toll on our minds, and that is when we seek the help of a therapist. However, if you are someone who believes in real-life forces and trusts the universe to do the healing for you, this is the perfect information to assist you.

The universe has the power to heal you from your pain and those feelings and emotions that you might or might not be aware of. If you are truly dedicated and dealing with an Akashic Records Practitioner, you will find that it enables access for people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives as well as their own.

To go ahead with this process, it is imperative to understand that going into the past of a person does not at all mean that you have to forget about the present or shift your focus from other work. On the contrary, the only reason you would want to indulge in this process is to remove the bitter memories of your past, the thought processes and the beliefs you might have had in your past that you don’t want to have in your mind any longer. These thoughts stop you from growing in your life and contaminate your mind so that you cannot live your present happiness. When we have such constant thoughts, we have problems making decisions, living life, and reacting to certain situations. Hence, it becomes essential for an individual to de-link themselves from these memories and thoughts.

These thoughts remain in our minds because when we are in certain situations, we leave anger and other emotions unresolved. Thus, later, when facing similar situations, these thoughts come back in our minds, affecting our thought process and our ability to react in a certain way. Thus, many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we all live in certain situations daily without realizing that it is stored in our subconscious mind, which keeps affecting us negatively. Thus, before getting to the solution, it is important to identify and accept the problem. Once we have accepted it, we can work on the issue and try to change our perspective, restructure our growth patterns and change the kind of life we live.

What Do You Mean By Healing With Akashic Therapy?

Through this therapy, you can literally heal the soul from its pain and go back to the first instance when it was deceived. Through this therapy, your soul will be made to realize that it is safe to trust and that the soul knows when to trust and whom to trust. Through this, the person starts to manifest the person whom they can trust and consciously make the decision regarding whom to trust.

Our soul is made to realize and understand that the solution to each of our problems is inside us. This is because the problem starts from within, and hence, you will find the solution also from within yourself. Going through this therapy would allow you to go to the root of the problem. If you know the root cause of the problem, you will be able to heal from it too. This root cause can be anything related to your past experience or your present life.

Does This Therapy Really Heal Your Soul?

Each and everything that a person goes through and feels is because of our soul. Our soul acts the way it does because of the things it has gone through and the lessons it has learnt. All the lessons are present in our subconscious and we carry those within ourselves throughout our life.

After reincarnation, when the soul enters a different body, it is like a clean slate. It does not remember anything about its past life. However, it still makes sure that the new soul learns the lessons from the past. Thus, it keeps bringing one person after the other whom you cannot trust until the mind understands that it is not safe to trust everyone.

Some Advantages Of Going Through Akashic Therapy:

1. It is perfect for anyone and especially those with anxiety issues or any other mental health issues. It even applies to children.

2. It helps transform karma and combines it with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Karmic Theory.

3. It can be done in person as well as via zoom, FaceTime etc.

4. You do not require a therapist for it, an Akashic Records Reader Practitioner can help you heal from your past life as well as your present life.

5. It helps you heal your inner child, clears your womb, and cleans your ancestral karma from your paternal and maternal sides. It also helps you retrieve your soul. Thus, this therapy helps you not just in the present but helps your future generations also.

6. It can also be done to clear your energetic blockage arising from karmic issues across space, dimension, and time.

7. It will help you balance all the energy levels of your body, which will help you unimaginably resolve your current life.

8. Since it helps you clear your thoughts and bitter memories, it removes all the negativity from your life. When we go
through painful experiences, our soul gets scarred; this is the best way to heal each of those scars.

9. When you clear out your mind from these thoughts and negative energy, you will be able to focus on things which are more important and meaningful. Hence, it will also help you succeed in life and find the real purpose of your existence.

Maria Grace Energy Practitioner:

Maria Grace is one of the best in this field. She knows exactly what she is doing, which is important when indulging in such a sensitive matter. Diving deep into our soul and fixing it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of concentration, guidance and dedication. Yet, she believes in transformation and abides by it. You can find her at