How Receiving an Akashic Clearing Can Help You With Your Life

How Receiving an Akashic Clearing Can Help You With Your Life

Have you ever found yourself curious about Akashic Clearings?


During our lifetime, we all go through so many ups and downs, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, it does take a toll on our minds, and that is when we seek the help of a therapist. However, if you are someone who believes in real-life forces and trusts the universe to do the healing for you, this is the perfect information to assist you.

The universe has the power to heal you from your pain and those feelings and emotions that you might or might not be aware of. If you are truly dedicated and dealing with an Akashic Records Practitioner, you will find that it enables access for people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives as well as their own.

To go ahead with this process, it is imperative to understand that going into the past of a person does not at all mean that you have to forget about the present or shift your focus from other work. On the contrary, the only reason you would want to indulge in this process is to remove the bitter memories of your past, the thought processes and the beliefs you might have had in your past that you don’t want to have in your mind any longer. These thoughts stop you from growing in your life and contaminate your mind so that you cannot live your present happiness. When we have such constant thoughts, we have problems making decisions, living life, and reacting to certain situations. Hence, it becomes essential for an individual to de-link themselves from these memories and thoughts.

These thoughts remain in our minds because when we are in certain situations, we leave anger and other emotions unresolved. Thus, later, when facing similar situations, these thoughts come back in our minds, affecting our thought process and our ability to react in a certain way. Thus, many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we all live in certain situations daily without realizing that it is stored in our subconscious mind, which keeps affecting us negatively. Thus, before getting to the solution, it is important to identify and accept the problem. Once we have accepted it, we can work on the issue and try to change our perspective, restructure our growth patterns and change the kind of life we live.

What Do You Mean By Healing With Akashic Therapy?

Through this therapy, you can literally heal the soul from its pain and go back to the first instance when it was deceived. Through this therapy, your soul will be made to realize that it is safe to trust and that the soul knows when to trust and whom to trust. Through this, the person starts to manifest the person whom they can trust and consciously make the decision regarding whom to trust.

Our soul is made to realize and understand that the solution to each of our problems is inside us. This is because the problem starts from within, and hence, you will find the solution also from within yourself. Going through this therapy would allow you to go to the root of the problem. If you know the root cause of the problem, you will be able to heal from it too. This root cause can be anything related to your past experience or your present life.

Does This Therapy Really Heal Your Soul?

Each and everything that a person goes through and feels is because of our soul. Our soul acts the way it does because of the things it has gone through and the lessons it has learnt. All the lessons are present in our subconscious and we carry those within ourselves throughout our life.

After reincarnation, when the soul enters a different body, it is like a clean slate. It does not remember anything about its past life. However, it still makes sure that the new soul learns the lessons from the past. Thus, it keeps bringing one person after the other whom you cannot trust until the mind understands that it is not safe to trust everyone.

Some Advantages Of Going Through Akashic Therapy:

1. It is perfect for anyone and especially those with anxiety issues or any other mental health issues. It even applies to children.

2. It helps transform karma and combines it with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Karmic Theory.

3. It can be done in person as well as via zoom, FaceTime etc.

4. You do not require a therapist for it, an Akashic Records Reader Practitioner can help you heal from your past life as well as your present life.

5. It helps you heal your inner child, clears your womb, and cleans your ancestral karma from your paternal and maternal sides. It also helps you retrieve your soul. Thus, this therapy helps you not just in the present but helps your future generations also.

6. It can also be done to clear your energetic blockage arising from karmic issues across space, dimension, and time.

7. It will help you balance all the energy levels of your body, which will help you unimaginably resolve your current life.

8. Since it helps you clear your thoughts and bitter memories, it removes all the negativity from your life. When we go
through painful experiences, our soul gets scarred; this is the best way to heal each of those scars.

9. When you clear out your mind from these thoughts and negative energy, you will be able to focus on things which are more important and meaningful. Hence, it will also help you succeed in life and find the real purpose of your existence.

Maria Grace Energy Practitioner:

Maria Grace is one of the best in this field. She knows exactly what she is doing, which is important when indulging in such a sensitive matter. Diving deep into our soul and fixing it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of concentration, guidance and dedication. Yet, she believes in transformation and abides by it. You can find her at

Massage Therapy | Improve your Health

Massage Therapy | Improve your Health

Why Is Getting A Massage From An RMT Important For The Body, Mind, And Soul?

Massage Therapy Improve your health! Getting a Massage from a Registered Massage Therapist helps us in many ways; for the body! It is essential to quality health care, strength, and wellness. At the same time, when we think about relaxation and healing, massage has been shown to have beneficial ways to help the mind, body, and soul, and many doctors and physicians have proved this. Medical researchers at the Hands of Life have a background in physical therapy, orthopedics, medicine, sports, and Eastern methods that massage will help you with your needs. A massage from a Registered Massage Therapist is essential for the body, mind, and soul because all tools they use are professional and won’t cause any harm to your body, only healing. If you’ve never tried massaging, learn about its potential health benefits and what to expect during massage therapy. This article will help you to dig into this comprehensively.

Massage Therapy Is Good For Your Mind

Most of us live in our heads with endless lists of tasks, thoughts, worries, etc., and we hardly have time to stay still and stop for a moment to breathe. Massage therapy can help facilitate deep relaxation to the point where you step inside, touch the silence, and be in the present moment. Massage reduces stress, increases ease, improves alertness, and eliminates anxiety, headaches, and depression. It increases your sleep quality and gives you a sense of balance. Stress is hazardous, can affect your daily Life, and is proven to cause weakness, irritation, and many other adverse effects on the organism. A massage will help you fight stress hormones by sending a good signal to your brain, leaving you much more relaxed and refreshed. When you are stress-free, it improves your sleep pattern, giving you better/more profound sleep. Research has shown that those who received a 30-minute massage twice a week for five weeks experienced a significant decrease in pain, leading to fewer sleep disturbances. Massage also helps release endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine, which can help with depression. Places like The Abundance Bar in Barrie, Ontario, provide quality massage.

Massage Therapy Is Good For Your Body

A massage treatment can do a lot for your body. It can cure soft tissue injuries, muscle pain, delayed onset muscle serenity, and muscle tension. In addition, massage therapy can relieve muscle tension and release long-accumulated constrictions in the fascia (the network of tissue surrounding all your organs and muscles), allowing fluidity and health to return to your body.

Massage therapy releases endorphins, feel-good hormones that cause the same joyful feeling as physical exercise. It also significantly improves blood circulation! To increase joint mobility and flexibility, your massage therapist may include stretching and range of movement into your massage to mobilize your joints and beneficially stretch your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Reflex points related to all body parts are located on the feet, hands, face, and ears. These points respond to pressure and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Back, nerve, and neck pain can be relieved with just a few massages. It can even manage some sports injuries. When you are at peace, your mind sends pleasant signals to the body, a sense of well-being. The gentle rubbing of your massage therapist’s hands, along with the massage lotion and oil, will cause a gentle exfoliation to allow new skin cells to surface; YES, it can refresh your skin too! Massage therapy can help bring the body back into proper alignment. Improving posture is one of massage therapy’s most beneficial and relaxing aspects. Massage allows the body to relax and release tense and sore muscles from poor posture. Joints are flexible, have a more excellent range of motion, and remove pressure points. As a result, you will get better posture. You don’t have to do anything other than let go, melt away at the table, breathe deeply and relax. The massage is pleasant to the core.

Massage Therapy Is Good For Your Soul

As your mind quiets and your body relaxes, your spirit (soul) soars. This deep relaxation allows you to connect to higher aspects of yourself, which connects you to everyone and everything. Our body and mind are only part of our material being. Massage and its relaxing components can help you reach a higher aspect of yourself. It refreshes your energy and creates an entirely new feeling of relief. A massage gives you a new level of euphoria that reduces all the negativity in your body. It calms the heart and can heal your negative emotions, providing comfort and a sense of nursing that humanity wants to handle. We want to be treated well, loved, and touched. We wanted to feel that someone cared about us and was there to help us heal. It is a holistic way to relieve all pain and negative energy.

To sum up, massage is more than relaxation and benefits many vital systems in your body. Just as it is necessary to visit the doctor once a year for a health check-up, it is essential to go for massages to maintain health regularly. Your health improves drastically once you stick to a regular schedule of massages every three to four weeks. You know when you get on a plane, and the flight attendant reminds you to put on your oxygen mask first before securing the covers for the people around you? The same concept applies to massages and self-care; if you don’t care for yourself, you can’t help others. It’s a good idea to see your therapist for a recommendation on how often you should return. So remember, love yourself, get massaged, and feel great! See you in a few weeks!

You can book a massage with Crystal or Ashlyn in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. 

Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology

Can Astrology Help You Find Your Future Husband or Wife?

Marriage is an essential aspect of nearly everyone’s life, and in ancient times, marriages occurred at an early age. Parents and other family members used to search for suitable matches for their children. Some families have used astrology to find help with their search.

Do you believe in astrology? Well, astrology is a science that reveals your present life situations, including career, health, finance, job, aspect, and can help you find your future husband or wife. But, you may be wondering how. So, to begin, everyone should know that life’s problems and happiness depend on the position of your malefic planets in your horoscope.

Marriage astrology can tell you about the nature of your future husband or wife, physical compatibility between the couple, future husband and wife location, their strengths and weaknesses, financial status, career, mental compatibility, and their relationship compatibility status in the future.

7th House Ascendant

In a horoscope, the 7th house is connected to marriage. That’s because Venus governs the marriage aspect of one’s life, and in everyone’s natal chart, there is a list of auspicious and inauspicious planets.

The auspicious planets in your horoscope are Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon, and they cause early marriage. On the other hand, the inauspicious planets cause delays in marriage: Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

If the Moon and Mercury are in the 7th house and in a natal chart, that person will get married between 18 and 23. However, if Jupiter is in the 7th house, the person may marry between 24 and 26 years.

If the 7th house is occupied by the Sun, there will be delays in marriage, and the couple can face many problems in their married life.

Mars is the planet also known as Manglik Yog that causes serious delays in marriage.

If Saturn is associated with the 7th house in your horoscope, you shall marry after 35 years of age.

Marriage astrology not only defines your future husband and wife characteristics but also helps you learn what type of connection you will have with your future partner. In addition, astrology has answers to all your marriage-related questions. An experienced astrologer can tell you about your future husband or wife. If you are curious to know about the characteristics of your future partner, then consult a qualified astrologer.

No Planets in Seventh House

Are you wondering what will happen in marriage if there are no planets in your seventh house? The marriage may take place early or late; it depends on the position of your other malefic planets in a natal chart.

Future Life Partner Prediction in Marriage Astrology

Now it’s time to discuss the nature of the spouse as per the zodiac sign of the 7th house. A veteran marriage astrologer can predict a life partner’s characteristics from the signs of the 7th house.

Here is a list of some sample inferences an astrologer can make by analyzing one’s horoscope:

  • If the 7th Lord is in a fiery sign like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, then your future spouse will be confident, dynamic, active, and dominating. All to say, your future partner will be respected in your society and can be very arrogant.

  • If the 7th Lord is in earthy signs, including Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, then the spouse can be materialistic, refined, reliable, and stable. They love arts and music and always seek security in true love relationships. They will be committed to their family and love relationships, thus will make a long-life relationship with you. 

  • When the 7th house is in airy zodiac signs like Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini- The nature of your future husband or wife will be talkative, fun-loving, honest, versatile, and multi-tasking. They will have excellent communication skills that help build an extensive network. They are multi-taskers and always love trying something new. 

  • When your 7th house is in a watery zodiac sign like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, your future spouse can be very sensitive, emotional, secretive, intense, vindictive, and sympathetic to others. 

What Location or Direction Will One’s Partner Come From?

The zodiac signs and celestial planets or houses signify directions in astrology. These need to be analyzed by an experienced astrologer who can conclude the partner’s direction after marriage. The strongest planet in the 7th Lord can indicate the direction, known as the direction of spouse in Vedic astrology. Two or three factors represent the direction of the spouse, like the sign where the 7th Lord is placed, venus position in a horoscope, and rising planets position.

Based on the above information, we can say that marriage astrology can help you find your future husband or wife. The marriage astrologers check Lagna house and Lord of ascendants in your horoscope for marriage prediction and Navasama chart for partner’s characteristic prediction.
Your kundalini is essential for marriage decisions and is the governor of all aspects of marriage and life. So, what are you waiting for if you are looking for your perfect partner?

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. She also holds sessions in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach out by email: or by phone at (647) 393-8899 for more information.

Helping you to transform your life, to live in your joy and wonder.

Tune Your Body And Soul With Crystal Healing

Tune Your Body And Soul With Crystal Healing

Natural remedies are all the rage with today’s environment-conscious generation – most aim to eat better, live a cleaner life, and focus more on mind over matter.

During tough times, or even for general wellbeing, it’s essential to focus on the alternative remedies in nature, to get better, look better, and feel better. Among such natural healing techniques, I vouch for crystal healing, not just for the gorgeous gemstones but also for the mounds of benefits they provide.

So, here’s your sign to get into crystal healing as I take you step by step through the entire process that you can achieve right at your doorstep.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing isn’t a new-age concept. On the contrary, ancient civilizations such as Egypt show abundant evidence indicating the spiritual use of crystals such as Emerald and Lapis Lazuli by the ruling elite and noblemen.

Crystals are like a device to reset your body and balance out all things going haywire. Energy flows from the crystals into your body, targeting and healing all the areas that require some tenderness, love, and care. I’ve seen from personal use how crystals can help tune and align anything out of place to make you feel better.

Each crystal possesses unique healing qualities, while not all crystals may suit everyone either. It took me a long process of trial and error to learn and figure out which crystals matched my frequency and worked well with my personal goals. For example, some crystals help protect you from the evil eye, some help by bringing good luck, and some can even lower anxiety or stress. I personally love Jade and its incredible properties.

Colour Theory

According to Buddhist healing science, each of the seven colours in the white light spectrum is associated with their respective body chakra. This theory makes it easier to narrow down which stones may work for you according to their colour.

Since green is associated with the heart chakra, stones like Emerald or Jade work well when placed near the chest, targeting diseases of the heart or ailments affecting the region.

Healers place these crystals around your body, coinciding with the chakras, mainly your forehead, chest, stomach, or genital area, to treat and heal whichever areas are needed.
However, the healing isn’t just restricted to the experts; I prefer wearing these crystals on my body in the form of jewelry or keeping them close to me at all times. I would suggest keeping them in your everyday bag or under your pillow.

Setting Up Your Crystals

Before you focus on any healing, I highly recommend that you research and do ample homework about what exactly you expect from the crystal or ask one of us at The Abundance Bar. Being well-informed not only helps you learn more but will also aid the healer in curating a better treatment plan for you.

Next, pick your crystal of choice. Like I mentioned, choose crystals according to the chakra you wish to target or whether you need something for overall wellness – each crystal comes with different treatments and qualities.

To eradicate any lingering negative energy from your crystals it’s essential to run them under cold water to wash away any bad vibes or use selenite. You could also put them under the full moon or use a singing bowl.

I always ensure that this step is done before doing anything else; otherwise, the healing process slows down or might not work at all – you never know where the crystal was and who may have touched it.

Once everything is set up, you’re good to go. Now, all you need to do is focus on getting better. Set your mind to your expectations and intentions, and hold the crystal near your body as you meditate, preferably near the body part that requires the crystal to work its magic towards.


Figuring Out Which Crystals Work Well for You

Every person is unique, with a distinct birth chart to match their birthstone or temperament that needs to be balanced out, precisely why each person works well with different crystals.

I’ll give you a few suggestions for well-known crystals that I’ve seen working magic for spiritual and mental healing, although their effects vary from person to person.

Rose Quartz

Arguably the most popular and most used crystal is the beautiful blush pink Rose Quartz. It’s best known for healing and mending relationships and helping bridge gaps between loved ones. This crystal focuses on bettering yourself to improve upon personal relationships, whether it’s a friend, family member, or partner. Generally, I’ve noticed it helps instill a sense of love and compassion within you, and most people love it for the good vibes it exudes into their lives.


For all the believers in the evil eye, this crystal is a major lifesaver. It’s known for its traits at warding away any bad energy coming your way, predominantly negative feelings generated within oneself.

Obsidian helps to stimulate self-growth by removing any blockages in your life, leading to a path of better decision making. I like to use this crystal at least once a month to detoxify my body of any harmful chemicals.


All the insomniacs will be glad to hear about this cooling purple stone that stimulates a healthy sleeping cycle, even on days when you may be stressed out. I’ll advise you to keep this crystal near your bedside table or under your pillow to maximize benefits. Similarly, this stone is very purifying and helps you connect with your spirituality and gain wisdom.


Another favourite, specifically for being a good luck charm, is the stunning yet minimalistic moonstone. It’s excellent for manifesting new beginnings or life-changing decisions, so people usually prefer to keep it close during significant transitions in life. It brings out a cheerful and composed mindset, precisely what one needs when beginning a new journey.

Incorporating Spiritual Healing into Your Life

I strongly suggest that everyone gives crystal healing a shot, especially for all the skeptics who shun it without even trying it out. Crystal healing may not show results in hours, days, or weeks, but you need to trust the process and stick with the program.

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. She also holds sessions in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach out by email: or by phone at (647) 393-8899 for more information.

Using Hypnosis To Manifest Your Ideal Life

Using Hypnosis To Manifest Your Ideal Life

In this post, we will discuss how hypnosis is used to manifest your desires and the process you’ll go through to achieve this.

Hypnosis Quote 1

You may not know it, but hypnosis is a valuable tool that allows you to tap into your horizons. Research studies demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing stress, pain and anxiety. It is also great for boosting the immune system and inducing physiological changes that promote and speed up healing. Other benefits include:


  • Being more aware and in tune with your body.
  • Relaxing more efficiently.
  • Enhancing your sleep.
  • Bringing more of what you want into your life by aiding you in manifesting your desires.

Hypnosis will help transform the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting your true desires. Manifesting can be challenging for some, but hypnosis taps into your subconscious mind to transform your thoughts, aiding you to achieve success in the best way possible.

Where Can I Do Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is something you and I can do from the comfort of your own home – online via Zoom – or nestled in my office, which is a safe and comfortable space. So feel free to expand yourself, open up to new experiences, and receive the gifts you’ve been intended to receive all along throughout your life.


Preparing For A Session

For a hypnosis session, I ask my clients to make a list beforehand detailing what they wish to manifest in their lives. Make sure to wear something light and comfortable. I also suggest not wearing makeup. If you’re doing a session via Zoom at home, please ensure that you have a quiet space without consistent or sporadic noise. At the office, I do provide noise-cancelling headphones, if required. Make sure you can devote time to hypnosis; set phones to airplane mode, and ensure no distractions. After you are ready and comfortable, I will help you achieve a state of hypnosis by starting with breathing and grounding exercises. The goal is to achieve that nothingness in order to let go of your conscious mind.

Hypnosis sound isolation 1

Focus on your breathing, you may feel you want to sleep, or you may not. Hypnosis comes differently to everyone. The words will still reach your subconscious mind to do their essential work. Just relax and let go. After a few minutes, you will notice your muscles letting go. Breathe in and out slowly, enjoying the sound of my voice and absolute harmony all around. As we start going deeper into the hypnosis process, we will add positive affirmations to your hypnosis. You will repeat in your mind the wonderful things that you want to achieve in life. What do you want to attract? Picture these things in vivid colours. Be as detailed as you’d like as I speak to you through the hypnosis process. Keep concentrating on with conviction that you are on your way to attracting all that and more. 

Hypnosis Quote 2

After Your Hypnosis Session

When the manifestation hypnosis is over, you will have the recording from your session. I recommend that you listen to it for 21 days or more. Repeated listening is encouraged to reinforce these positive messages.

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. She also holds sessions in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach out by email: or by phone at (647) 393-8899 for more information.

By being hypnotized into feeling abundant, you start to become more abundant.
By feeling more gratitude in your life, you start to attract more reasons to be grateful.
In other words, hypnosis creates new truths that allow you to naturally fine-tune your vibrations to be an exact energetic match with that of your desires.

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See you soon!

– Maria