Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology

Can Astrology Help You Find Your Future Husband or Wife?

Marriage is an essential aspect of nearly everyone’s life, and in ancient times, marriages occurred at an early age. Parents and other family members used to search for suitable matches for their children. Some families have used astrology to find help with their search.

Do you believe in astrology? Well, astrology is a science that reveals your present life situations, including career, health, finance, job, aspect, and can help you find your future husband or wife. But, you may be wondering how. So, to begin, everyone should know that life’s problems and happiness depend on the position of your malefic planets in your horoscope.

Marriage astrology can tell you about the nature of your future husband or wife, physical compatibility between the couple, future husband and wife location, their strengths and weaknesses, financial status, career, mental compatibility, and their relationship compatibility status in the future.

7th House Ascendant

In a horoscope, the 7th house is connected to marriage. That’s because Venus governs the marriage aspect of one’s life, and in everyone’s natal chart, there is a list of auspicious and inauspicious planets.

The auspicious planets in your horoscope are Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon, and they cause early marriage. On the other hand, the inauspicious planets cause delays in marriage: Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

If the Moon and Mercury are in the 7th house and in a natal chart, that person will get married between 18 and 23. However, if Jupiter is in the 7th house, the person may marry between 24 and 26 years.

If the 7th house is occupied by the Sun, there will be delays in marriage, and the couple can face many problems in their married life.

Mars is the planet also known as Manglik Yog that causes serious delays in marriage.

If Saturn is associated with the 7th house in your horoscope, you shall marry after 35 years of age.

Marriage astrology not only defines your future husband and wife characteristics but also helps you learn what type of connection you will have with your future partner. In addition, astrology has answers to all your marriage-related questions. An experienced astrologer can tell you about your future husband or wife. If you are curious to know about the characteristics of your future partner, then consult a qualified astrologer.

No Planets in Seventh House

Are you wondering what will happen in marriage if there are no planets in your seventh house? The marriage may take place early or late; it depends on the position of your other malefic planets in a natal chart.

Future Life Partner Prediction in Marriage Astrology

Now it’s time to discuss the nature of the spouse as per the zodiac sign of the 7th house. A veteran marriage astrologer can predict a life partner’s characteristics from the signs of the 7th house.

Here is a list of some sample inferences an astrologer can make by analyzing one’s horoscope:

  • If the 7th Lord is in a fiery sign like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, then your future spouse will be confident, dynamic, active, and dominating. All to say, your future partner will be respected in your society and can be very arrogant.

  • If the 7th Lord is in earthy signs, including Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, then the spouse can be materialistic, refined, reliable, and stable. They love arts and music and always seek security in true love relationships. They will be committed to their family and love relationships, thus will make a long-life relationship with you. 

  • When the 7th house is in airy zodiac signs like Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini- The nature of your future husband or wife will be talkative, fun-loving, honest, versatile, and multi-tasking. They will have excellent communication skills that help build an extensive network. They are multi-taskers and always love trying something new. 

  • When your 7th house is in a watery zodiac sign like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, your future spouse can be very sensitive, emotional, secretive, intense, vindictive, and sympathetic to others. 

What Location or Direction Will One’s Partner Come From?

The zodiac signs and celestial planets or houses signify directions in astrology. These need to be analyzed by an experienced astrologer who can conclude the partner’s direction after marriage. The strongest planet in the 7th Lord can indicate the direction, known as the direction of spouse in Vedic astrology. Two or three factors represent the direction of the spouse, like the sign where the 7th Lord is placed, venus position in a horoscope, and rising planets position.

Based on the above information, we can say that marriage astrology can help you find your future husband or wife. The marriage astrologers check Lagna house and Lord of ascendants in your horoscope for marriage prediction and Navasama chart for partner’s characteristic prediction.
Your kundalini is essential for marriage decisions and is the governor of all aspects of marriage and life. So, what are you waiting for if you are looking for your perfect partner?

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