Meet Dr. Kara

Hi, I’m Dr. Kara! Please let me introduce myself.  

I appreciate you considering me for your chiropractic care. There are many chiropractors to choose from, so I am honoured and humbled that I’m on your radar.  

You are in good hands.  🙂

I pride myself on my skills and learning the art of the chiropractic adjustment from the masters of the profession. I studied in Dallas Texas, and was exposed to a variety of safe and gentle techniques giving me quite the toolbox to customize care for each individual.  

Health is a passion for me, and I love learning how to enhance life, health and increase longevity. Topics that really interest me are: sauna use, breath work, meditation, functional fitness, mind-body medicine, aroma therapy, crystal applications, and many more.  

I truly believe we are all here for a purpose on this earth, and I am no doubt here to help many people.  

Outside of serving chiropractic care, I’m a mom of two beautiful children that I love to death. They are amazing humans and that is my #1 job. I love watching them grow and evolve, and I especially love showing them the beauty in life around them. 

I try to have ‘balance’ in my life. My interests include reading, listening to podcasts, journaling, and meditation. I love nature walks, biking in Copeland Forest, snowboarding, volleyball, canoeing, and golf.  

Giving back to my community is also important to me and is a huge part of my life. I’ve been involved with the Rotary Club of Barrie for many many years now, and I’ve gained life-long friendships, and service about self.  

I’m committed to providing you and your family the best possible chiropractic experience I can.  

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you!

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