Natural remedies are all the rage with today’s environment-conscious generation – most aim to eat better, live a cleaner life, and focus more on mind over matter.

During tough times, or even for general wellbeing, it’s essential to focus on the alternative remedies in nature, to get better, look better, and feel better. Among such natural healing techniques, I vouch for crystal healing, not just for the gorgeous gemstones but also for the mounds of benefits they provide.

So, here’s your sign to get into crystal healing as I take you step by step through the entire process that you can achieve right at your doorstep.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing isn’t a new-age concept. On the contrary, ancient civilizations such as Egypt show abundant evidence indicating the spiritual use of crystals such as Emerald and Lapis Lazuli by the ruling elite and noblemen.

Crystals are like a device to reset your body and balance out all things going haywire. Energy flows from the crystals into your body, targeting and healing all the areas that require some tenderness, love, and care. I’ve seen from personal use how crystals can help tune and align anything out of place to make you feel better.

Each crystal possesses unique healing qualities, while not all crystals may suit everyone either. It took me a long process of trial and error to learn and figure out which crystals matched my frequency and worked well with my personal goals. For example, some crystals help protect you from the evil eye, some help by bringing good luck, and some can even lower anxiety or stress. I personally love Jade and its incredible properties.

Colour Theory

According to Buddhist healing science, each of the seven colours in the white light spectrum is associated with their respective body chakra. This theory makes it easier to narrow down which stones may work for you according to their colour.

Since green is associated with the heart chakra, stones like Emerald or Jade work well when placed near the chest, targeting diseases of the heart or ailments affecting the region.

Healers place these crystals around your body, coinciding with the chakras, mainly your forehead, chest, stomach, or genital area, to treat and heal whichever areas are needed.
However, the healing isn’t just restricted to the experts; I prefer wearing these crystals on my body in the form of jewelry or keeping them close to me at all times. I would suggest keeping them in your everyday bag or under your pillow.

Setting Up Your Crystals

Before you focus on any healing, I highly recommend that you research and do ample homework about what exactly you expect from the crystal or ask one of us at The Abundance Bar. Being well-informed not only helps you learn more but will also aid the healer in curating a better treatment plan for you.

Next, pick your crystal of choice. Like I mentioned, choose crystals according to the chakra you wish to target or whether you need something for overall wellness – each crystal comes with different treatments and qualities.

To eradicate any lingering negative energy from your crystals it’s essential to run them under cold water to wash away any bad vibes or use selenite. You could also put them under the full moon or use a singing bowl.

I always ensure that this step is done before doing anything else; otherwise, the healing process slows down or might not work at all – you never know where the crystal was and who may have touched it.

Once everything is set up, you’re good to go. Now, all you need to do is focus on getting better. Set your mind to your expectations and intentions, and hold the crystal near your body as you meditate, preferably near the body part that requires the crystal to work its magic towards.


Figuring Out Which Crystals Work Well for You

Every person is unique, with a distinct birth chart to match their birthstone or temperament that needs to be balanced out, precisely why each person works well with different crystals.

I’ll give you a few suggestions for well-known crystals that I’ve seen working magic for spiritual and mental healing, although their effects vary from person to person.

Rose Quartz

Arguably the most popular and most used crystal is the beautiful blush pink Rose Quartz. It’s best known for healing and mending relationships and helping bridge gaps between loved ones. This crystal focuses on bettering yourself to improve upon personal relationships, whether it’s a friend, family member, or partner. Generally, I’ve noticed it helps instill a sense of love and compassion within you, and most people love it for the good vibes it exudes into their lives.


For all the believers in the evil eye, this crystal is a major lifesaver. It’s known for its traits at warding away any bad energy coming your way, predominantly negative feelings generated within oneself.

Obsidian helps to stimulate self-growth by removing any blockages in your life, leading to a path of better decision making. I like to use this crystal at least once a month to detoxify my body of any harmful chemicals.


All the insomniacs will be glad to hear about this cooling purple stone that stimulates a healthy sleeping cycle, even on days when you may be stressed out. I’ll advise you to keep this crystal near your bedside table or under your pillow to maximize benefits. Similarly, this stone is very purifying and helps you connect with your spirituality and gain wisdom.


Another favourite, specifically for being a good luck charm, is the stunning yet minimalistic moonstone. It’s excellent for manifesting new beginnings or life-changing decisions, so people usually prefer to keep it close during significant transitions in life. It brings out a cheerful and composed mindset, precisely what one needs when beginning a new journey.

Incorporating Spiritual Healing into Your Life

I strongly suggest that everyone gives crystal healing a shot, especially for all the skeptics who shun it without even trying it out. Crystal healing may not show results in hours, days, or weeks, but you need to trust the process and stick with the program.

Maria Grace is holding sessions in Woodbridge, Ontario at Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy and The Abundance Bar in Barrie. She also holds sessions in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach out by email: or by phone at (647) 393-8899 for more information.