Vagus Experience Technique (VET)

Vagus Experience Technique

Have you been experiencing mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and anxiety attacks- fight or flight?

The Abundance Bar’s Dynamic Duo Crystal and Maria have devised a plan of action to help ease the conditions that you have been experiencing. Through specialized Vagus massage, cranial sacral, Reiki energy, Vagus activating music and smells and special crystals, it is an experience to activate the Vagus to help ease anxiety, and help with conditions like depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety attacks. This service is only bookable via message, email or phone.


What To Expect During A Session:

You enter and lie down on our heated massage bed and the experience begins. Vagus activating music fills the room with the clearing scent of Sage and incense to clear the aura and begin the process. It is a little painful when activating the vagus but Crystal is very professional and can tell with your cues how to proceed. At the same time Maria Grace is aiding with healing Reiki energy, crystal healing and healing sounds. An experience to remember…

What Should I Bring With Me?

Please bring water and dress comfortably. 

Is VET Covered Through Insurance?

The massage portion of the experience can be covered via your insurance provider. 


Thank you Maria & Crystal for the most amazing sessions ever!  VET really is an amazing mode of healing!💥💥💥 With gratitude for all that you do for me…

– A.

I have not been relaxed and at peace like this for such a long time. The VET session with you girls has done wonders for me. 


Having the two of you doing these sessions together is genius! I feel so incredible. The whole session feels out if this world. Thank you!!!

– K.

Benefits Of VET

May Help Raise Your Oxytocin Levels And Minimize Anxiety

May Help Decrease Inflammation And Persistent Aching

Can Help You Feel Less Lonesome By Raising Your Level Of Dopamine

Can Help To Lower Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Boosts Norepinephrine Levels & Helps Control Blood Sugar/Pressure. 

Safeguarding The Vagus Nerve Is Important For Daily activities

Aids In Raising Your Heart Rate Variability And Decreasing Stress

VET Helps With Numerous Physical Functions

Plan a Visit

The Abundance Bar is based in Barrie, Ontario but proudly serves all surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today.